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Customers outside of the USA might need to read the help section if you get an AVS mismatch when placing a credit card order.

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Excess Solutions
1555 S. 7th St. San Jose, CA 95112
Phone (408) 262-3900 - Fax (408) 262-3939

HOURS: 8am to 6pm Monday - Thursday, Friday 8am to 5pm, 10am to 3pm Saturday
Minimum order is $25.00 excluding shipping. No minimum in the Store.
If you feel you need more information by phone, call us at (408) 262-3900 during the hours listed above.
Note: Please remember that all of the items we have are shown on the web pages so if it isn't on our web pages we don't have it. The retail store may have items not shown on the web pages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept payment by PayPal?
No, not directly but PayPal now has a Virtual Debit Card feature that will let you use your account on our site or any other site accepting MasterCard. Just logon to your PayPal account and click on the Virtual Debit Card link and you will get all the information.

I live outside the US and am getting an error about Address Verification, how can I place my order?
This is a problem as some International Credit Cards do not yet support Address Verification. The best way to handle this situation is to register on our site and enter your credit card information. This will be stored on our secure server. Then when you place the order use the Pay By Check option instead of the Credit Card option. But put in the Special Instructions to use the Credit Card on file and also enter the 3-digit CVV code from the back of your card. This will allow the order to go through and we will lookup your credit card number from the secure server and process it manually. We apologize for this inconvenience but it is necessary for us to use Address Verification to cut down on fraud and also the credit card processing company charges a higher fee if we do not use it.

Can I have my order shipped on my own UPS or Fedex account number?
Yes we will be happy to do this for you but we ask that you register to use this feature. Just enter your UPS or Fedex account number in the form when you register and enter the method of shipping desired i.e. ground, 2nd day or next day. Then when you go to the shipping section click the box for either Ship on customer UPS account or Ship on customer Fedex account. You can also create multiple ship-to addresses or methods if you have more than one location. You also have the option to opt out of our newsletter if you desire but we hope you will choose to receive it. We only send one out about every month or so and we never sell or rent our customer list to anyone else. If you choose not to register you can still place the order but you must type your account number and the method of shipping you want in the Special Instructions field. If you don't do this your order will be held up till we can contact you to get the information. If you enter your account number but don't enter a shipping method your order will be shipped ground.

How can I place an order under the $25.00 minimum

The simple answer is, you can't. We feel that $25.00 is the minimum order we can process and cover our costs.

I saw an item on your website, is it possible to get it in a different color, size, or configuration?

No, all the items are shown on the web site. If optional sizes or configurations are available they will be shown in the description or listed as a separate item number.

How much will the shipping charges be for my order?

The best way to see the shipping charges is to add the items you want to the shopping cart and then enter your zip code and country in the boxes on the Your Shopping Cart Summary page and pressing the Shipping Quote button. All of the shipping methods for your area will be displayed.

Can I place my order by FAX or mail?

Yes, just add the items to the shopping cart and when you get to the checkout use the Check/Money Order method of payment. The order will be sent to us but will be held until we receive a Check or Money Order or your Credit Card info by FAX or Mail. Be sure to write your credit card number, expiration date and CVV number if you FAX the information. If you are going to mail a check or money order, write your order number on the check or money order.

Can I place a COD order?

Yes, but only if the order is being shipped to the US. UPS will not accept COD orders to any foreign countries. Also there is an additional $8.50 UPS COD fee. This is automatically added to the shipping charges when you use the COD buttons on the shipping options page at checkout.

How long will it take till I receive my order?

It depends on when we receive the order from you and what method of shipping you choose. We ship all orders as fast as we can, in the order we receive them. We usually fill the orders within 48 hours but we don't work weekends and observe all major holidays. UPS ground shipping takes from 5 to 7 working days, they don't work weekends and also observe all major holidays. Even if you choose Next Day or Second Day air your order will not be processed any faster. You will just receive it sooner after it is shipped.

Can I return the items if they don't meet my needs?

No, please be sure the items are what you want. If you have any questions, ask before placing the order. We will replace any defective items or if we shipped you the wrong item from what was on your order.

Can you order an item for me that is not on your website?

No, we cannot order anything. We are surplus dealers, we only get items that are available on the surplus market. We have no connections with any manufacturers or distributors.

Can I place my order by phone?

Yes you can by calling 408 262-3900 between 8am and 6pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. However, if you want to place the order by phone because you don't like to send your credit card information over the internet, you are not gaining anything. I place the order over the internet when you call me. If this is the case you would be better off using the Check/Money Order payment method and then giving  the credit card information via FAX or Phone.

Do you charge sales tax on my order?

Only if your order is being shipped within California. If you are a reseller and have a valid California Resale Certificate fill out a form and FAX it to us at 408 262-3939.

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